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Check it, before you Cheque it

Check Ninja enables customer verifcation prior sending anything physically and adding additional shipping cost to your products.

Save Money Now


Tired of Paying shipping costs to non-existing or unreliable customers?

How many times have you shipped your merchandise to a customer and it has ended up waiting for a week or more for someone to pick it up? How about you stop losing money? Check out the API solution we offer and act now. Why do you need to pay handling fees twice when you can prevent that?

2 weeks minimum in which the product cannot be sold and you can't use it! Why?

Check ninja is reminding that once you send an item to a Non Existing Customer (NEC) you end up in a position where you can no longer sell your product for a period of at least 2 weeks. What if you are aimimng to sell the product at a specific time frame, where you know you can sell it with good profit? You are doomed to lose money from paying double shipping cost in first place and in second place - not possible to sell it in the profitable time frame that you targeted.

It's not only that you lose money... you double the loss! Check how you can solve this problem here.

We are not only offering a customer verification tool. We offer you a way to eliminate some of the unwanted costs and direct loss. When you send your merchandise to a customer, who then never shows up - you need to collect it back, right? So it's not only that you paid the shipping cost to a ghost customer, but you also need to pay shipping cost so that you can get back you item.

Merchants are losing 30% of the item value FOR apx. 10% of their sold items. Are you in this statistic? Do you want to get out of it?

Having Ghost customers is a serious issue which everyone needs to handle in a way. When 10% of your sent items are not collected, calculations show that you basically loose more than 1/3 of the item sell value due to paying unwanted shipping cost and loosing the possibility to sell the merchandise in the profitable time frame. When your margin is set to 50% profit - basically this means that you loose money out of 10% from your inventory and while covering the loss - you end up in making much less than the profit you were able to make in first place.

What do we do?

We developed a check engine solution, which is acting as GDPR compliant KYC verifcation soAware in the Online sales flow, while eliminating the exposure of personal user data.

We offer a technology service which enables customer verifcation prior anything being shipped to end customer and adding additional cost to your products. No matter if you charge your customers for shipping cost - when noone collects the item - you are the one paying for this.This is what we offer - a solution to prevent this.

Our Ninjas checked and confirmed -  There is a statistic, showing that more than 70% of the items sold and being sent with COD (cash on delivery) basis.What happens if no one show up to collect the item sent with COD?It’s always the Merchant, who is paying the price for ghost customers and non collected merchandise.


There is a bad trend - up to 9% of all items sent are not being delivered (no one comes to take the items) Do you want to be in this statistics? Check Ninja offers a GDPR Compliant solution where merchants are able to make verification checks and receive true customer status based on hundreds of other merchants experience . And this is the main idea behind our software. No one can and should deal with ghost customers alone. When joining forces with all your competitors while not exposing senitive information for your user database is a key for eliminating unwanted loss coming out of this situation.

Check Ninja believes that this Joint Venture of all different businesses is a way to eliminate the possibility for all merchants to send their items to non-collecting customers. You can become a part of this Check Ninja community and benefit from the bad experienceof others.The compliant and secure API solution we offer is Security Audited by independent Software Security Company. GDPR compliant - we gathered the smartest GDPR consultants around and we adjusted th software to comply with all European Regulation, meaning no sensitivee customer data is being exposed or shared.        

Can be used simultaneously by 
Small, Medium or Large Enterprises

We integrated 3 different models for user verification in our software. Even if you operate a small wordpress e-shop you are still able to use our solution and manually check your customers.Medium and Large e-commerce and online businesses can choose between several options for integration. Contact our ninjas for detailed information

Long story short - Check Ninja is here to help - you can either upload a file with all customers you need to verify prior sending anything to them, or simply executing their order OR you can integrate our self-serviced API and check in real time for blacklisted status of a certain customer.

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What you get:

  • Transparent and safe  eCommerce user check (E.U. compliance focused)
  • Institutional grade of data encryption ( Independently verified by 3rd party )
  • Robust security  over data collected and strict policies in regards to stored info 
  • Fully GDPR compliant and proof-developed in cooperation with GDPR Compliance officers. 
  • Distributed ledger technology
    for Fully transparent records, which can be verified by anyone without the sensitive data exposure.
  • Self Serviced API
    for  Easy and Flawless integration. Web login also available


Check Ninja brings the Customer Verification Automation at your doorstep. Open your door and let it in.

Client verification upon registration or delivery. Each merchant is able to verify the status of his customer while performing a simple API call or Online web check to our User Check Engine. A 2-factor Status of the user data will be returned with clear statuses and scores regarding the trustworthy of the client and other merchants experience with this client. Without exposing any personal information for the user - we will be able to provide you with Numerical score and you will be in the position to chose wether to provide your service or not.
Long story short - we use blockchain for certain processes in our Check Engine Technology. Also - we store all records on public blockchain where all transactions and changes of certain user status are transparent and visible. We strongly believe that this is the only direction that technology should go - openess and transparency of all operations. The distributed Ledger Technology allows this from start to end.


Check it, before you Cheque it

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